Caricature insinuation Worst of All Time

14 Maret, 2011

Caricature insinuation Worst of All Time

Soon I was standing at the computer desk, occasionally smoked rolled cigarettes that nearly three quarters. I am a little surprised to hear the news media. The rise of news satire "nyeletuk" tiny but for the citizens of Japan.
Malaysian newspaper coverage appears disebuah, issue of Sunday (13/03/2011. Form of Japanese-style cartoon superhero that we are familiar with the term might Ultraman have been described the escape of the tsunami. Even in my heart a little turbulent, but seem funny.

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This caricature of criticism from readers and politicians on Twitter and Facebook. In fact, not many of them containing a brief allusion babble like "where the super hero Ultraman Megaloman kok ga appear when an earthquake in Japan" or "preaching Voltus 5 and Kamen Raider Japan 2011 tsunami washed away"
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Although a little surprised to see the news, but I consider these responses as a form of not bertoleransinya Malaysia as a country that behaves humanity. This assumption has a bad taste and does not represent the people of Malaysia as among the nation's tarnished Solidarity

In my heart "Is it something that Malaysia to laugh at our own brothers?"
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