Symbian increasingly Moor, Android rate sped

14 Maret, 2011

Symbian increasingly Moor, Android rate sped

The popularity of the more flashy Android as an operating system that is able to provide freshness in the history of the world's smartphones. Call it Apple who had already been gush OS4 or iOS4 with 100 features tempting. Meanwhile, Nokia is still consistent swing with symbian. Despite scattered rumors that Nokia will turn to the Windows Mobile OS.

As we know, iSO4 Operating systems can be used in the gadget iPhone, iPad da iPod Touch. This operating system menjanjinkan some improvement compared to the previous operating system (iPhone OS 3.1). 3G iPhone users can upgrade it with iOS4 smartphone, so it does not need to buy the iPhone 4

Not to mention the matter of ability that could bring 100 new features. such as multitasking, folders, unified inbox, support interprise depth, and an Iphone online version of the iBook reader in iBookstore, digital zoom, VoIP service, wireless key-board support and so forth.

Symbian sunsets
Popularity android as future operations, does not necessarily change the direction Nokia to shift to adopt this one platform. The reason, according to Gartner data in January 2010, was still a lot of control Symbian OS smarthphone market as much as 44.6% amid onslaught of the Blackberry and iPhone. In addition, since once all investments for the mobile OS Symbian, and Nokia lead to its development has also been running for 12 years. In fact, Nokia claims if Symbian is still the best platform in the current class of smartphones

Occurrences Froyo android system from Google, followed by IOS 4 from Apple and the latest version of Symbian signifies the real battle has begun. As a result of competition in the smartphone market will be increasingly fierce, with each other who is the best menuukkan salip

In fact!
According to data obtained from research institutes in the UK, global sales of smartphones will grow from 165.2 million in 2009 and is predicted to be 422.96 million in 2013. With a total reach 1.6 billion consumers. The consulting firm also predicted that the global market for smartphone applications and games reached 4.6 billion dollars in 2009 to 16.6 billion dollars ditahun 2013.

For multi-tasking on iOS4 offers a new alternative to switch applications quickly. While useful Folders for easy management of applications. That is the way mengelompokkanyya in a folder. Where a folder containing 12 applications bia

As with the android. Google's operating sisitem has been developed to a higher technology with the Android name Froyo 2.2 is not yet lalama Froyo also has a top speed of the fastest browsers and applications 2-5 times than the iPhone. Cloud messaging features of his work to build something that has not been able to do a PC Computer

Another plus, the Android embedded in the smart phone is equipped with Wi-Fi Hotspot, Froyo also been supported by the player program Flash (swf) to video player animations. Froyo was more efficient as it can be integrated with other applications like microsoft Exchannge
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