JUST CLICK ADVERTISING CAN $ 10.00 !!!!! why not?

09 April, 2011

JUST CLICK ADVERTISING CAN $ 10.00 !!!!! why not?

Ok Gals. for those of you hunters out of the dollar through the PTC, there is no harm in joining in this PTC. His name is TEN DOLLARS CLICK. Hearing my name as though we certainly doubt whether this brave PTC pay 10 dollars perklik. If you are someone who does not like futile chance, try to join soon. I can assure you, if the PTC is not a scam. On the other hand the number of members has reached millions in the continent of Europe there, which became more and more evidence that PTC exist despite many benefits to its members

If you are a hunter dollars in cyberspace, it will be "crunchy" when to waste this opportunity. Immediately register, member is empty Indonesia tuh. It is also expected that already have a Paypal account akanberpeluang add to their income. PTC Through this we can outsource anything, but still through transaction Ebay., Do not worry, we still can not get there to achieve it.

For those who do not have a Paypal do not worry, I have provided a tutorial to make Paypal and Paypal Verification on this blog.

Well, you waiting for! immediately register. While this free opportunity is wide open, although the standard member status are considered, it is possible we gain more and more slagi we never absent from the event click on ads provided. we only need to spend 15 minutes to click on ads per day. For the time being Standart members only entitled clicking 4 ads standard.

Here I summarize the advantages PTC:

* Paid $ 10.00-per-click ads that are displayed for 60 seconds.
* Paid $ 5.00, - for each click the ad from your referrals.
* Commission to 10% for any purchases made your direct referrals.
* Your status information can easily be seen, such as the number of clicks, your balance, even the number of clicks and your referrals activity.
* Request for Payment are instan.apabila balance has reached $ 10,000 (Withdraw via Alertpay and Paypal)
* AVG is stable, just spend 1 minute to sign up, your account has been used standart member
* Loading mild ad, so that in a bad internet connection even if it only takes 20 seconds (when open advertaisement experience less than 1 minute, the ad has been uploaded perfect)

As evidence that the PTC is willing to pay, see the status of my income on the banner below:


And as an additional trusted PTC, following PTC also willing to pay $ 5 for 1-click advertising, certainly no less cool. BUX INC his name. difference only on the payment system that only half of TENDOLLAR CLICK. If it ranges from $ 5,000 PO automatically we can ask for direct payments


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