How to Increase Traffic and Visitor via

20 September, 2011

How to Increase Traffic and Visitor via

Probably not many fellow bloggers who know how to increase traffic and with easy and fast Visitor and bit eliminates the dependence of saturation even hope to get traffic that only comes to search engines or blogroll of other blogs, and it was rare because there are several other factors. BU2X3YA2AVXG

Now bloggers not to worry, because it was the Social Services Traffic Exchange which is devoted to the bloggers is Blog buddies Plipeo linking to other blogs that have become a network of and already many are using these services because it can increase traffic by 300%! and bring Real Visitors or guests who really targeted to your blog.

Okay now I'll just explain how to register in order to quickly get from Traffic and Visitor Traffic Exchange or service to the following bloggers:
  • Please prepare a blog buddy who will be in the list then please turn to page to sign up or can simply visit the following link
  • If already on a buddy list page please fill the appropriate data such as Web site and fill in the Url blog, Name, Email and Daily Traffic from your blog. and Plipeo not restrict traffic so that all bloggers can register and get traffic.
  • If my friend had signed up it will immediately become a member of plipeo received, and the next step is compulsory Installing Widgets pal of Plipeo by visiting your Widgets page grab the widget code and then plug in the Blog mate, could be in the sidebar or elsewhere and do not forget to select the category that you want to appear on the widget and slightly modify the widget to make it look beautiful on your blog
  • After installing the Blog Widget Code please send articles by selecting Add your post, please fill Url, Title (Try to post  interesting and different on your blog, deskirpsi articles, Tag, then the image Url to articles that look interesting input pal ago click submit contents buddy's original article and not the same as the others.
  • When my friend had sent an article from buddy then the team will review the existing posts and widgets on your blog, if it is true the article is the result of (Copy Paste) and widgets installed then this article will be directly deployed to a friend plipeo network.

And additionally for bloggers, today is holding a contest plipeo Review so my friend just wrote an article about them or the tutorial's up buddy sobatlah then input into plipeo article by inserting into the category of Support Us and the total prize of $ 100 for 2 winners. reportedly will be added prize. please see the announcement on for information
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