PouchNation as the Organizer and Supporting Committee of an Event

The development of the business world in Indonesia, has now shown an uplifting direction. The pride and gratitude was conveyed by President Jokowi during his opening speech at the opening of Indonesia E-Commerce Summit & Expo which took place in ICE, Tangerang, 2016, last year.

In the sense that in his speech, he prioritized UMKM (Usaha Mikro, Kecil, dan Menengah) or better known as “small and medium enterprises” as the main driving force of the domestic economy.

Mr.President also said, If in this era the country of Indonesia including the most influential countries in Southeast Asia, because it establish bilateral cooperation among developing countries for the participation of AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area) and ACFTA (ASEAN-China Free Trade Area).

In order to improve the economy of this country, he appealed that we as citizens are also worthy to participate to not merely drift as consumers, but also shaft as producers.

He also provides the widest opportunity for small business individuals who are pioneering and developing to showcase their productivity globally. Technopreneur helped to market product UMKM (Usaha Kecil dan Menengah) in Indonesia.

Source From Youtube: Mr Jokowi Optimistic Growth of E-Commerce Indonesia in will grow

Not only that, it needs a brilliant idea in the form of the concept of the establishment of a professional institution known as Event Organizer, both formal and non formal in the form of a committee that can be trusted to support the productivity of the population who want to voice their products and services online, so it is easy to be monitored and directed.

Eg : the launch of a new product, a party, a musical performance, and so on, tailored to the request of the service user or the Event Organizer’s own initiative.

PouchNation as the Organizer and Supporting Committee of an Event.

To introduce or advertise in whether a new or existing product, holding an event is one of the best promotion method on the market. By holding an event, people will know everything about your product has to offer.  

PouchNation is one of the leading Event Organizer Company which has expanded its business throughout several countries in Asia such as Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines.
PouchNation Branded Events ” believes that by fully utilizing the maximum potential of a brand itself, the audience of the events might even become parts of the product brand itself.

Any sponsor of an event surely would like their events to be successful.

Therefore the sponsor would always need the measurement of how successful an event is. PouchNation has managed to provide the right solution for this particular case by providing the “Event Management Solution” system services for their sponsors.
This system would allow PouchNation to collect data, analyze the data, and afterwards completely process it into useable complete information.

Not only that, but the system also allow the sponsor to track engagement and create machinations for activities which would warrant higher engagement.

And of course not forgetting the process of converting the events guests into potential customers for the sponsors.

In short, PouchNation Branded Events is providing modern solution in the business of Events Organizer. By including modern technology within the events, PouchNation is able to hold the best modern

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